Adv. Elad Eisenberg


Adv. Elad Eisenberg is one of the founders of Orlansky, Eisenberg, Mozeson & Co.

Elad started his professional career in the office of the Military Advocate General – first as a military prosecutor and later on as the Command Defence Attorney for the Air Force, the Navy and the Home Front Command, this prior to leaving for the private sector.


In the field of infrastructures Elad supports the Israel National Roads Company and other government companies, both on an ongoing basis for execution of projects and in litigation proceedings. Elad provides comprehensive legal services to the largest and most complex projects executed in Israel, including the fourth rail track on Ayalon, the Kryot bypass, the public transport system and more.


In the field of civil-commercial litigation, Elad represents the firm’s clients in diverse proceedings in all the judicial instances, including arbitrations in the field of companies, real estate and infrastructures. Furthermore, Elad has a unique specialism in defamation laws, military law (representation of soldiers and officers in regard to events that take place during military operations) and sports laws.


Elad specializes in handling and representation of unique, complex and large-scale litigation cases. Adv. Eisenberg has represented large scale commercial cases, sensitive administrative-security cases, unique criminal cases (white collar), and high-profile defamation cases.


In the administrative field Elad specializes in administration of legal proceedings on behalf of and against various authorities including government ministries and municipal authorities, and has vast experience in conducting legal proceedings in administrative courts and in the Supreme Court in its capacity as the High Court of Justice.


Elad is a member of the Executive Committee of the Friends of Schneider Pediatric Hospital, was a distinguished member of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel in 2006, and served in the past as a member of the Football Association Management.


Membership in the Israel Bar Association

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1995.



Graduate of the Buchman Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University (LL.B, 1995).


Hebrew, English