The Infrastructure Department in the firm is headed by Adv. Elad Eisenberg who has many years of experience in providing legal support for government companies and public authorities for the founding of diverse infrastructure projects of considerable scopes.


The firm provides its clients with full legal support – from preparation of tenders to advancement of land availability, expropriation projects (team support for the execution of projects) and all the way through to clarification of contractors’ claims during and after the completion of projects.


Within the framework of its activity, the department has supported some of the largest and most important infrastructure projects executed in Israel during the past decade, including the fourth rail track on Ayalon, the Krayot bypass, Route 531 project, the “Valley Railway” project, and public transportation projects.


Our firm provides consultation to project managers and supports the relevant departments in the various companies and authorities at all stages of execution. Furthermore, our firm represents companies in all relevant litigation proceedings including vis-à-vis contractors’ claims, administrative petitions in the field of planning and building, claims for expropriation compensation, claims for depreciation pursuant to Section 197 of the Planning and Building Law, and more.


Our firm appears frequently in Israeli ranking guides as a leading firm in this field.