The Litigation Department headed by Advs. Edo Orlansky and Elad Eisenberg supports the firm’s clients in all the judicial instances and represents companies (government, public and private) and private clients in financial claims, contractors’ claims, petitions for injunctions, various types of contractual and corporate claims, directors’ claims, derivative claims, and class action suits.


Our firm has special expertise in defamation claims, administrative law, military law, and white-collar law.


Our firm appears frequently in Israeli ranking guides as a leading firm in this field.



  • Administrative Law

The Litigation Department team has vast experience in conducting administrative petitions and petitions to the High Court of Justice in these fields, including and in particular, tender laws.

Among others, the firm is specializes in representation of public authorities, on the one hand and in defense against disqualification of various types of administrative rulings and conducting diverse administrative proceedings and representation of companies and private entities on the other hand, in defense of the discretion and decisions of the relevant administrative authority, etc.


  • White-collar and Military Law

Apart from the aforementioned, the department also specializes in white-collar and military law, representing defendants in criminal cases of financial crimes and reaching significant achievements and extraordinary successes in this field – the best known of which is the acquittal of Captain R in the “Death Checking” affair.


Having many years experience in the field of military law in their capacity as former counsels in the office of the Military Advocate General, Advs. Elad Eisenberg and Yoav Manny, former military prosecutors, represent soldiers and officers in military courts and have attained precedents and extraordinary success over the years.


Furthermore, the firm’s team supports army and police officers suspected of perpetration of offences during operational incidents, and within this framework the firm has supported some of the most senior army and police officers, including in classified security matters.