Real Estate

The firm’s Real Estate Department, headed by Adv. Ronen Mozeson, handles diverse real estate transactions, from representation of contractors in sale of new apartments, purchase and sale of plots, National Master Plan 38 transactions, urban renewal, registration of condominiums, complex combination agreements and through to purchase of second-hand apartments for private clients.


The Real Estate Department has unique expertise in claims of construction defects (both representation of buyers and of contractors), complex receivership and dissolution of partnership claims, and representation of contractors and apartment buyers in the “Mechir LaMishtaken” and “Dirah LeHaskir” projects of the Ministry of Construction and Housing.


The firm provides representation for its clients in expropriation and compensation claims pursuant to Section 197, representation of taxpayers in betterment levy cases and appearances before a decisive appraiser and appeals committees for compensation and betterment levy, and representation in administrative petitions in the field of planning and building and more.


The Real Estate Department in the firm is also engaged in the field of planning and building and within this framework the firm’s team supports its clients in statutory proceedings for planning and licensing, from the planning stage to actual execution.


The firm’s clients include government companies which the firm supports in development proceedings, betterment and registration of real estate properties, expropriation proceedings, and planning and building proceedings. Furthermore, the department supports many clients in the private sector the most prominent of which is the public contractor company Prashkovsky Investments and Construction Ltd. and subsidiaries and affiliates of the Prashkovsky Group, Chen Hamkom Ltd., and other developers and contractors in real estate transactions and in matters of planning and building.


 Our firm appears frequently in Israeli ranking guides as a leading firm in this field.


  • Construction Defects

The Real Estate Department team has considerable experience in conducting building defect claims.


Advs. Ronen Mozeson and Shani Sedoff-Perel represent many plaintiffs and contracting companies in numerous construction defect claims of various scopes, and have attained considerable success in this field.


  • Dissolution of Partnership Claims

The Real Estate Department team has extensive experience in receiverships and dissolution of real estate partnerships claims. Adv. Ronen Mozeson represents many landowners and contracting companies in receivership and dissolution of real estate partnership claims, at various judicial instances.