Adv. Hagay Haviv

Adv. Hagay Haviv is engaged in all types of litigation with an emphasis on complex commercial litigation in the field of infrastructure and in the field of expropriations and depreciation.


Hagai has extensive experience in providing ongoing legal advice to public bodies in the field of infrastructure, including Netivei Israel, and accompanies the expropriation processes of some of Israel’s major infrastructure projects, including Road 22 – Krayot Bypass, Mesilat HaEmek, the Fourth Rail on the Ayalon Highway, and other road upgrade projects and paving of public transport routes on Roads 4 and 2.


In addition, Hagai has extensive experience appearing before planning and construction institutions in claims for depreciation of real estate as well as representation in various courts in claims for compensation for real estate expropriations and various civil proceedings, including administrative petitions.


Hagai has experience in managing large-scale financial claims, in the courts and in arbitrations in Israel and around the world (including the International Chamber of Commerce).


Membership in the Israel Bar Association

Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2013.



Graduate of the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan (LL.B, 2013) cum laude.



Hebrew, English